About me


  • I’m a husband & a father.
  • I live in Utah (yes, I’m a practicing Mormon).
  • I love languages & cultures.
  • I’ve visited 30+ countries (as of 2019).
  • I speak English (native), Spanish (near-native), & Portuguese (conversational).
  • One day I hope to speak Swedish, Hindi, Icelandic, and Welsh.
  • I have a BA in Spanish Translation & a MSc in Localisation and Multilingual Computing.
  • I’m a 3rd generation Swedish-American.
  • I love food, especially Indian food.
  • I have the greatest job in the world: empowering communities of people to customize software & the Web for their native languages.

As part of my career in localization, I’m a frequent world traveler. Check out all of the countries I’ve visited so far on the map below (in yellow).

I've been to 30 countries!!